Mario Buljan

What do bananas and storyboarding have in common?

Back in the day when we were kids, there was a cartoon about a ship stranded on a desert island. There was a crew, and a captain called Martha, but also – there was a great and skilled chef who tried his best to cook delicious meals for his crewmates.

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Mario Buljan

We are just like J.Lo.

Just like J.Lo started her career as a dancer who then moved on to acting and then eventually found herself in the world of music – so did we. Well, okay…we didn’t start like dancers, but as F2F coaches, and we didn’t move on to acting, but to eLearning agency, and we most definitely didn’t become singers but we found ourselves in the software development world.

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Mario Buljan


YOU: “Cool, guys, very cool, but how is it going to work? I like it, all that banana / J.Lo talk was great, but how is it actually going to function?”

STORYGIZER CREW: “Oh man, thank you for that question! We just LOVE to talk about Storygizer! We’re like those proud (and a bit boring) grandparents who can’t stop talking about their grandkids. Well…let us talk about our grandk…I mean, Storygizer!”

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