We are just like J.Lo.

Just like J.Lo started her career as a dancer who then moved on to acting and then eventually  found herself in the world of music – so did we. Well, okay…we didn’t start like dancers, but as F2F coaches, and we didn’t move on to acting, but to eLearning agency, and we most definitely didn’t become singers but we found ourselves in the software development world.

Other than those few minor details, we’re a spitting image of each other.

So, how it all started? Many years ago, eWyse was educational, F2F training and coaching company. And then, 3 years ago, we realised that the future of education and training / coaching is in digital.

So here we are – in digital.

All of that experience we gained as coaches didn’t prepare us for the challenges of the eLearning world. Main idea is the same – DELIVERING KNOWLEDGE; but the ways, processes, problems and solutions are as different as they can be. Saying that F2F training requires basically the same set of skills as eLearning is like saying that bike is the same type of transportation as Boeing 747.

So, we started working. Our first big client, then second, third, …, fifth… and we felt like we’re on the bottom of the ocean.

We started working on one big project that seemed very well prepared by our client. They had Outline created, script for voice-over written, even entire content for the course.

What could possibly go wrong?

How about – EVERYTHING!

They were running late with delivery of content and translation. Then, when we finally started working – we had 17 people (and we are not exaggerating) sending us feedback. Via emails. Via a lot of emails. Also, since we had to make English version of the course PLUS localized version (using language and even alphabet none of us knew) we had a whole new set of problems here. They would send us translation which we would implement, just to receive “feedback” on that translation 2 weeks later. Then we would receive feedback that was actually on our (not their) work – in PDFs: they would print out the entire course, hand write the feedback, scan it and send it to us. Oh…did we mention it was a foreign language and alphabet that none of us knew?

We were pretty exhausted after that project. But we were confident we learned our lesson and it will never happen again!


Until our next project. When it happened again.

With this one, it was going pretty smoothly until the feedback cycle started. We found ourselves in the 5th iteration of the feedback cycle when we realised our client ran out of things to comment. So they started giving feedback on things we changed based on their previous request for change.

So we had an all-staff meeting after we finished this project where we promised ourselves we will never let it happen again!

Until our next project. When it happened again.


And that’s when we started to think – how should we solve our own problem? What could we do to maximize our efficiency, to minimize our stress. We wanted something practical and something in line with what we already use.

But – we couldn’t find it.

And that is, ladies and gentlemen, why we developed Storygizer!

Because we wanted to solve our own problems.
We wanted the ability to “lock” content – so when our client “hits” the Approve button – he is well aware that any further changes to it will be considered as extra work (extra cost).

We wanted clear feedback solution – so we can be sure not to receive hand written feedback on foreign language ever again. We also wanted our client to be able to login there (all of them: decision makers, CEOs, CFOs, PMs…) so they can see who from their company commented what so we can avoid receiving contradictory feedback. And yes, that really did happen.

We wanted the Approve button on feedback iterations, as well. So we don’t spend weeks changing previously changed changes.

And most of all – we wanted a smart software solution that can take care of some automatic things so we can focus on what is really important:


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