YOU: “Cool, guys, very cool, but how is it going to work? I like it, all that banana / J.Lo talk was great, but how is it actually going to function?”

STORYGIZER CREW: “Oh man, thank you for that question! We just LOVE to talk about Storygizer! We’re like those proud (and a bit boring) grandparents who can’t stop talking about their grandkids. Well…let us talk about our grandk…I mean, Storygizer!”

As you already know, we started working on it to solve our own problems. The biggest one was:


We tried to solve this problem by creating shared folders which all team members had access to. We created 3 separate folders with instruction what to put where. We thought it was an ingenious, bullet-proof solution. Up until the first time when one of us forgot to upload the file to the cloud. Then, that certain somebody went home a bit earlier that day, which ended in a complete chaos where the rest of the office started to frantically run around, half an hour before a Skype meeting with a client, trying to find that important piece of documentation.

So, with Storygizer you will have Outline, Storyboard, Feedback, Need Assessment list, Voice – Over script and all the other things you may create- in one place. On cloud. Forever.


YOU: “You remember that episode from The Simpsons, when Homer said “It’s funny because it’s true”? It happened to me a couple of times, that’s why I’m still laughing. I felt horrible, and client noticed it. I didn’t look all that professional. Speaking about clients, is there anything I can do with them while using Storygizer?”

STORYGIZER CREW: “You, my friend, ask amazing questions! We wouldn’t ask questions so great even if we had the opportunity to write them ourselves! Okay, no more fun and games, let’s talk about:


If you leave your client aside, he will get nervous because he knows nothing about the progress of the project.

If you have to inform him every day – there will be no progress, because you will spend all your time writing reports and answering calls.

So why not add him directly to the project so he can see for himself? (Naturally, you can limit what he can and cannot see.) That way, he will be “forced” to leave his feedback there. We don’t know your stories and you experience, but we used to get feedback in all types and shapes, and it sometimes ended badly – we would end up losing track of it, and therefore not implementing it. I bet you can imagine how happy our client was..

So, make it a rule – if it’s not on Storygizer: I don’t see it, I don’t know it, I won’t do it! Not because of us, but because of you.

To save your time.

To save your nerves.

YOU: “I know the feeling. I had an overseas client once who kept forgetting the time difference. And I used to get feedback over Skype usually around 5AM. Can you imagine how many of those did I forget because I read them in the middle of sleep?”

STORYGIZER CREW: “We don’t even want to think about it! But the worst thing here is…all of those feedback BEFORE first morning coffee! That’s just not human…”

YOU:”Yup. Horrible. And just imagine having couple of those at the same time. Oh yeah, I just remembered I wanted to ask can I maintain only one project at a time or more? Please say more!”

STORYGIZER CREW: “More! We got your back, dude! So:


As an agency, we always work on several projects at the same time. Which always takes up more time to juggle around and find the right thing in the right folder.

That’s why we wanted all of our projects to be listed next to each other. And then, when you click on it – it can branch out to more detailed view. Also, to keep things as clear as possible and to help you move around as quickly as possible – you’ll see people added to that project. If you’re a big agency, not all of your Learning Architects will be involved in every single project.

We keep things simple and visual.

YOU: “Okay, I have one last question. If you say you have that feature, I’m sold and I’ll go to the Subscribe button immediately! You ready?”


YOU: “What about time tracking and time estimate?”

STORYGIZER CREW: “It’s like we’re the same person….


We already implemented time tracker because at the beginning, we were so bad in estimating our time… We’re not proud of it, but once we estimated 70h of work for a project that turned out to be a massive course of 200+ slides and around 400h working hours.

So yeah, we wanted to track how much time we spend on what, so we can find the average number and help ourselves in future estimates. But since we like shooting for the Moon (or Mars, like Elon Musk),we plan to implement Artificial Intelligence very soon. It will use time tracking data and description and help you calculate how much time will it take to finsh a course.

Stick around, man, we plan amazing things!”

YOU: “Where’s the subscribe button?”

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